This isn’t goodbye it’s just see you later.

Looking around our room at our packed bags my heart is so heavy. I am filled with a renewed hope to help find orphaned children in Haiti forever families but I am also so sad to leave them behind. Something you quickly notice when you walk in a orphanage is how many of the kids want to know your name, little ones want you to hold them, and they ALL ask when you are coming back.. Now, for anyone who knows a lot regarding child behavior and attachment you know this is not typical. It is not “normal” for children to run up to you and want to be held but unfortunately this is their reality. For these kids, you rocking them for 15 minutes might just be the longest time they will be held all week. Kicking around a flat soccer ball with the older kids might be the most adult interaction that they will receive all week. And, in the short time we have been here if these small interactions have helped them in some way to feel comforted, cared for, or important then I am thankful we could provide that to them. Haiti will always hold a piece of my heart and I cannot wait until my next adventure to this amazing country.   


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