There will always be a piece of Haiti in my heart. 

Since we arrived in Haiti we have worked everyday from sunrise to sunset. We have made so many connections and learned a lot about the adoption process in Haiti. But something else that I have learned, is just how Haitians live their everyday lives. We have driven many miles visiting creches in Port Au Prince, Kenscoff, and some others in between. Because of this, I have seen how almost all Haitians are living and what the people in this country must do to survive. One of the orphanages we visited was in a more rural area of town and as we were walking around taking everything in I turned and saw some kids beating a bird with a rock. Instantly, I turned my head and shuddered at the thought of having to kill birds with rocks in order to feed my family because that is exactly what they were having to do… There are SO many things we take for granted and a lot of things that come so easy to us are extremely hard for others to get and most of the time it is things like food, housing, and water. There are some things in life that change you for the better and some things just change you. I know because of this experience I have been changed for good. 


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