The Risks of Traveling

For those of you that follow the news and keep up with what is happening in Haiti you probably have already heard about the elections and the Zika virus spreading. For those of you that haven’t heard here is  what we have learned so far…The statistics for people contracting Zika in country are pretty high.  I would like to assume most of the people that are being infected are not using and or are not able to use preventative care but we are planning on bringing plenty of bug spray, coil bands, and wearing long sleeves and pants just to be on the safe side. Also, the president stepped down without a successor which has caused some unrest in country. We were told by in-country staff that it is not too much to worry about right now but I will be able to provide more updates on all of this once I am actually in Haiti. The elections are now scheduled for April 24th and hopefully all goes well until then. We are hoping both of these issues in-country are being promoted more so for media hype (because that is what our staff keeps saying) but obviously we will not know anything for sure until we land. Keep the children, people, and country in your thoughts and prayers.

We leave in 5 days!!!


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