From The Inside Looking Out

Adoption can take a taxing toll on families; financially, physically, and emotionally. I, myself, do not know what it is like to be a waiting family but I do know what it is like to work on the other side of the adoption; The advocacy side. As my journey to Haiti is quickly approaching I wanted to start a blog to not only share with you all what we learn and see in country but also what it is like to be an international adoption counselor and how we operate everyday to ensure that adoptions in Haiti and the other countries we work with are happening. For countries like Haiti that are under developed, experiencing extreme poverty, and multiple parties are needed to ensure the adoptions happen it tends to make the process a lot more difficult. I can easily spend half if not all of my day just working on one family’s case.  And, something I have quickly learned is that the urgency to respond to questions in country is not on the same timeline as we try to operate responses here in the United States. Sometimes I am even given the same updates I heard months ago. I know the precious children you are matched with or are hoping to be matched with are not my own but we here at CAN are just as passionate about trying to figure out ways to get these kiddos home sooner! Dealing with Haiti can be a headache and that is just the honest truth but I LOVE my job and I LOVE Haiti and that is what makes the small and large bumps in the road completely worth it. I get to help create forever families and honestly that is just about the coolest thing I could ever imagine doing. I do not know how I ended up here but I am extremely grateful that I did!


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